One small step at a time, your family will level up and discover tiny habits that will make you healthier and happier.

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Aim to be better–together.

Level up your life with evidence-based strategies and take small steps towards new, healthier habits.

Be healthy eaters

Discover proven strategies to help you be a mindful, healthy eater.

Be active

Energize your mind and body by uncovering everyday strategies to move more.

Level up your life
with evidence-based strategies
and small steps

Be mindful of screen time and sleep habits

Find out how screens and sleep impact your mood and your health.

Be positive

Love yourself, love your body.
Learn habits that boost your confidence.

Designed by professionals
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Designed for families, Aim2Be aligns with Canadian health and physical activity recommendations. It integrates living green principles, behaviour change techniques, and more.

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