Who are you today? Where do you aim to be tomorrow? One step at a a time, be your best self. The Aim2Be app has customized experiences for kids 10-13 years and 13+. Take a quiz, choose your aims, do simple tasks, earn rewards, and unlock fun stuff.

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Who are you?

Are you a team-oriented wolf?
An outspoken orca? A peaceful caribou?
Take a quiz to find out more about yourself, then earn rewards to customize your avatar.

What are your goals?

In 4 key areas, choose aims that will help make you healthier and happier.
Energize your mind and body, be active, learn about sugary drinks, screens, sleep habits, and more!

Level up your life

How do you want to conquer your goals?

Move towards being your best self.
It's easy to start. You pick what to work on and you choose your pace.

Earn rewards
and level up!

Take on small tasks, earn rewards, level up, and unlock new avatar items and stories.